The Bastian Motor Company, Corp was formed by its
founder, Douglas Bastian, with an exciting vision in mind.  
This vision was to create a viable alternative to the dirty,
fossil-fuel burning, inefficient engines that we use in our
everyday lives.

The True Rotary Engine takes a huge step towards fulfilling
that vision.  

"Engine"is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "a
machine for converting any of various forms of energy into
mechanical force and motion".

The True Rotary Engine (TRE) is a Gasoline or Hydrogen
fueled, water cooled internal combustion heat engine that is
up to three times as efficient as conventional engines. It
converts Gasoline or Hydrogen into "mechanical force and

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Imagine a device in your home that provides not only all the
electricity that you need, but also heats your home through
the winter months. Now imagine the air surrounding our
freeways and city streets much cleaner and easier to breathe.
The True Rotary Engine (TRE) makes these things a reality.

This patented technology can be used in any device that
requires an engine to power it. Other applications include
industrial generators and pumps, construction equipment,
farm machinery, recreational vehicles, and even powered
hand tools.

This web site is dedicated to introducing you to The True
Rotary Engine, its inventor, and the team of talented
individuals he has assembled to make it available to the
world. A single idea truly can change the world.

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"A single idea can change the world"