The Bastian Motor Company Corp is made up of a small group
of highly experienced and creative people. Our office and lab is
located on beautiful Sodus Bay in upstate New York.
About Us
Douglas R. Bastian: Owner and Inventor
Education: BS Mechanical Engineering,
RIT, Rochester NY 1985

Doug is the inventor of the True Rotary
Hydrogen Engine. He has been working
on this project for a few years and now
has people doing machining, drafting,
publications and marketing work for him.

Doug is an experienced Industrial,
Manufacturing, Manufacturing Process,
and Advanced Professional Negotiator
and mediator at all levels of product R&D.
Inventing manufacturing processes for
new products. Manufacturing Engineer &
Liaison consultant for new product
development. Familiar with materials and
their properties, working gages,
metallurgical requirements, thread/gear
measurement, all types of ID/OD gages,
lasers, liquid flow characteristics, and
many other engineering applications.
Dan Smith: Built first Model Engine

Dan is one of the early innovators,
creators, and model maker on our early
prototype. He is currently a full-time
college student.
Joe Long: Precision Machinist.

Joe has been a major player in our
Prototype Build. He has extensive
experience with tooling, machining,
materials, geometric dimensioning
system, and quality.
Steve Spath: Mechanical Engineering

25 years Mechanical design experience
in many areas including, research and
development, material handling
equipment and facility layout, cnc
machine programming, gauge and
fixture design and electro mechanical
equipment design. Also work as a
Mechanical Applications Engineer
teaching and supporting AutoDesk
products, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD, and
Mechanical Desktop.

Proficient in the use of several CAD
programs such as, Mechanical
Desktop, Inventor, AutoCAD, Anvil and

Hobbies including: Boating, Skiing, Golf
and learning and evaluating new CAD
Carl VanCamp: Lab Technician

Carl has 40 years electrical
construction experience,
troubleshooting experience, and is the
owner of an electrical contracting

With the True Rotary Engine team, Carl
is developing the electrical/electronics
system,layouts, estimates, and
process controls
The Team
Robert Duval: Office Manager

Robert is our expert
software/hardware build and service
person. He is in charge of systems
network management, and equipment
Khe Le: Polymers Engineer

Khe Le is responsible for piston plate
seals development (lubricity, wetting,
hydrodynamics, heat transfer,
compounds, MTBF) and piston plate
seals energizer.
Not Pictured
In Memoriam
Delia Mocano:  Physics
Not Pictured