There are a limitless number of applications that the
True Rotary Engine Technology can be adapted to.  
Below is a sample list of prospective customers, and
possible end-users for the TRE.

Customers for our Product

1.  Small Engine Manufacturers

2.  Portable Generator Manufacturers

3.  Heat Transfer Device Industry

4.  Automotive Industry

5.  Recreational Vehicle Industry

6.  Pump Manufacturers

7.  Off-Road Machinery Manufacturers.

8.  Marine Engine Industry

9.  Engine Enthusiasts

10.  Portable Tools Industry

11.  Packaging Industry

End Users - Direct and Indirect

1.  Building Tradesman

2.  The Motoring Public

3.  Home Owners for long term Electrical Generation

4.  Home Owners for Home Heating

5.  Hospital Workers and Medical Professionals

6.  Emergency Vehicle  Operators

7.  Electrical  and Plumbing Supplies Industry

8.  Electrical and Plumbing Tradesman

9.  Residential and Commercial Lawn-care Professionals