Prospectus for The True-Rotary Engine

August 24th, 2008

This research project consists of developing a
revolutionary internal-combustion, true rotary engine.
Initially gasoline-powered, the True Rotary Engine (TRE)
will have less moving parts and will produce far less toxic
emissions from the exhaust.  It uses fewer petroleum
products for lubrication or fuel and provides increased
efficiency.  This engine is considerably lighter in weight
than the four-stroke piston engine and could be
developed for many applications such as the automobile
engine, generating electricity in private homes, and
portable energy sources.

Globally, the implications are more profound than in the
United States. Many developing countries do not have the
electric power grid that we have. They could, therefore,
never have to develop such an electric grid over difficult
terrain. Each home or small community could have it’s
own power source from this new highly efficient,
pollution-reduced engine.

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