Current Engine Design updated 9/1/09

The True Rotary Engine (TRE), a new design concept for a
thermal engine that was conceived and developed by Bastian
Motor Company, was analyzed using Thermodynamic
Principles.  The results of the analysis were compared to
results of the same thermodynamic analysis conducted on
standard spark ignition Internal Combustion Engine (ICE).  
The original design of the TRE was to burn hydrogen as a
fuel.  First we will show the superiority of the TRE as an
alternative using fossil fuel.  As the extraction cost per unit of
Hydrogen becomes competitive with the cost per unit of fossil
fuel, we will use the fossil fuel and during this time we will, as
scheduled, improve the overall performance of the TRE.

The approach taken for the thermodynamic analysis of the
TRE was to treat the system as an ideal heat engine operating
on an ideal gas.  This enabled the concept of the TRE to be
compared to an ideal spark ignition ICE without having to
consider losses such as friction and reductions in efficiency
due to heat loss.  In order for the TRE to be a concept worth
pursuing, the results from an idealized analysis must be
equivalent or superior to existing technology.

In August of 2008, a thermodynamic analysis was completed
on the TRE design.  This analysis directed us to see where the
TRE required design changes before it could outperform the

There are three (3) Industry Standard Comparisons that are
part of the Thermodynamic Analysis and show definitively the
superior efficiency of the True Rotary Engine (TRE).  This is a
very important step in our development.  

Carnot Efficiency Cycle Comparison - Completed

      Otto Efficiency Cycle Comparison - Completed

      Mechanical Efficiency Comparison - In progress